NGVacancy, which is short for (New Generation Vacancy) is an African job sourcing and career management organization that provides you with the easiest and most reliable employment solutions with expertise in job and recruitment opportunities, placements, career advice, and career counseling.

We all know the HARSH reality! 

Nigeria’s unemployment rate has been on a rocket with a high exhaust velocity.

Millions of graduates are roaming the streets of Nigeria. And it is supposed to be a wake-up call for national planning in employment. But sadly, the number keeps piling up every year. 

But what if I tell you there are more jobs than you ever thought possible?

Yes, there is. 

The problem is you need to look in a different direction: The Ngvacancy. 

About Us

Ngvacancy is the leading African job sourcing and career management organization. 

In a nation plagued with unemployment, we strive to put job seekers at the forefront of securing their dream jobs. 

Every day we help tighten the gap between employers and employees. 

Every day, we connect millions of people to fulfilling careers.

We give you FREE and UNLIMITED access to up-to-the-minute slots in almost every company within the country.

More importantly, we simplify your search by filtering through millions of jobs, ratings, and salaries so that you can easily apply. 

And we have in-depth and stretched roots more than you think!  

Our vision is to help apply grease and change the labor market’s fundamental dynamics based on merit and potential. So companies and talents can find their right fit.

That is a big goal we are passionate about, and this is how we plan to achieve it: 

By Waving Bye-bye To Traditional Way Of Job Hunting…. 

All your life, you’ve been taught to hunt jobs the traditional way: 

  • Put on aprons (your corporate wear) and scavenge for employment with your CV. 
  • Watch, read, and listen to the news, highlighting company headlines for opportunities. 
  • Either you have the connection, or you don’t have the job. So find one! 

We are here to help you escape the matrix! 

The world is changing. It’s becoming more global, and it’s time to evolve with it.

We realized how many candidates were missing out. So we wanted to help simplify things.

You don’t have to search for jobs; we will bring them to your fingertips.

The best part is: you can even subscribe to us and be among the first candidates to receive job alerts.

Again, the goal is not working hard; it is working smart! 

Let us do the scavenging and toiling in dirty. 

You only need an internet connection to land your dream job. One click to apply, and you’re done!

Why Trust Us?

We’re not just looking for jobs here; we are here to make a difference.

By routing you for success, we want to be part of something bigger than our interest. 

And At Ngvacancy, our fundamental principle is Integrity. We have been known for decades to be a MORE reliable source for job listings. 

We connect directly with the employer to know when there’s a slot. And we update our blog immediately after receiving the news so that you can apply. 

That way finding a job won’t be a series of terrible, sit-com-worthy blind dates.