N10 Million Entrepreneurship Training & Grant By LCCI

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has recently introduced a significant initiative to foster entrepreneurship and economic empowerment in Nigeria.

This initiative involves allocating a substantial sum of N10 million towards an entrepreneurship training and grant program.

Through this program, LCCI seeks to support budding entrepreneurs and promote sustainable economic growth in the country.

The primary objective of this program is to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the essential knowledge, skills, and resources needed to establish and grow successful businesses.

Chinyere Almona, the Director-General of LCCI, expressed her enthusiasm for the program, highlighting its significance in supporting budding entrepreneurs and promoting sustainable economic growth.

She emphasized the chamber’s commitment to providing aspiring entrepreneurs the necessary tools, knowledge, and financial resources to succeed in their ventures.

Almona underscored the importance of initiatives like this in driving innovation, job creation, and poverty reduction across the country.

Participants undergo comprehensive training covering various aspects of entrepreneurship, including business planning, financial management, marketing strategies, customer relations, and legal considerations.

The training sessions are facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts who provide practical guidance and mentorship to the participants.

In addition to the training, selected participants can receive financial support in the form of grants.

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The total grant amount allocated for the program is N10 million, which will be disbursed to eligible participants to support their business ventures.

The grant amounts may vary depending on each participant’s specific needs and potential, aiming to provide sufficient capital to kick-start or expand their businesses.

The selection process for participants in the program is based on criteria such as entrepreneurial potential, business idea viability, commitment to learning, and socio-economic background.

LCCI aims to ensure inclusivity and equal opportunity for all aspiring entrepreneurs, regardless of background or location.

Through this initiative, LCCI aims to significantly impact job creation, poverty reduction, and economic development in Nigeria.

By empowering individuals to start and grow businesses, LCCI contributes to building a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem that drives innovation, productivity, and prosperity across the country.

Adeoye Ojuroye, the Executive Director/Chief Financial Officer of Providus Bank, also lauded the initiative, emphasizing the critical role of financial institutions in supporting entrepreneurship and small business development.

Ojuroye reaffirmed Providus Bank’s commitment to partnering with organizations like LCCI to provide financial solutions and support services tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs.

He highlighted the transformative impact that access to funding and training can have on entrepreneurs, enabling them to realize their full potential and contribute to the economy’s growth.

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He also stated that the funds are part of the bank’s commitment to supporting small businesses to grow as they contribute largely to economic growth.

The Executive Director/Chief Financial Officer assured the bank of its continued partnership and support to SMEs through the LCCI to help the economy thrive.

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