Seplat Energy N16.5m Young Entrepreneurs Funds

Seplat Energy has reaffirmed its commitment to developing young Nigerians’ entrepreneurial and leadership skills with an additional donation of N16.5 million in funding to Conversation for Change (C4C), its implementing partners in the Seplat Energy JV Entrepreneurship Fellowship Programme.

The programme began in 2019 and aims to develop participants’ leadership skills, social entrepreneurship, and business management abilities through customized and targeted capacity-building workshops.

The beneficiaries’ ability to action their ideas is supported through equipment funding and mentoring.

Seplat Energy has successfully trained and supported three batches of fellows, comprising about 55 young entrepreneurs, who are thriving, creating value, and boosting Nigeria’s economy.

Each beneficiary has shown resilience, creativity, and innovation through the duration of the yearly programme.

The company held a special event to celebrate the programme’s past beneficiaries (Fellows).

It used the occasion to reaffirm the company’s commitment with another ₦16.5 million funding in seed money to the programme partners, Conversation for Change (C4C).

A lecture themed: ‘Unleashing Nigeria’s Untapped Potential through Entrepreneurship and Sustainability’ was delivered to the Fellows to commemorate the auspicious occasion.

The well-received lecture by Ms Arunma Oteh, a former independent non-executive director of Seplat Energy Plc, was to build more capacity and further equip the entrepreneurs.

Seplat Energy’s approach to sustainability has put the company on a very high pedestal amongst its peers, thus making the company a reference point in Nigeria and internationally.

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The company’s continuous commitment to encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship in Nigeria was restated.

This initiative by Seplat Energy is a significant step towards solving Nigeria’s unemployment issue and growing the economy by supporting young Nigerians to start and sustain their business enterprises.

Objectives of the Seplat Energy N16.5m Young Entrepreneurs Funds

1. Empowerment: The initiative’s primary objective is to empower young entrepreneurs by providing them with financial resources to kick-start or scale up their businesses.

2. Economic Development: By supporting entrepreneurship, Seplat Energy aims to stimulate economic development, job creation, and wealth generation in Nigeria, particularly among youth.

3. Innovation: The program seeks to foster innovation and creativity by supporting innovative business ideas and ventures that have the potential to drive positive change in various sectors of the economy.

4. Capacity Building: Besides financial assistance, the initiative aims to provide capacity-building opportunities, mentorship, and networking support to equip young entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in business.

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