50 Best Paying Jobs in EDP Services You Should Know

Are you looking for the Best Paying Jobs in EDP Services? We made a list of 50 highest paying jobs you can find in this company.

Best paying jobs in EDP services are usually competitive. Therefore you must be well qualified for the position you’re applying for and willing to compete with other candidates.

What is EDP Services?

EDP Services is a talent acquisition and HR consulting agency. It has been around for over 29 years offering all-round HR outsourcing solutions.

EDP Services has its headquarters in Gurgaon, India. This organization helps businesses find skilled and qualified individuals. They also train them to handle critical managerial functions and make sure there are compliances and operational activities.

If you’re in need of Best Paying Jobs in EDP Services, you should know that EDP Services provides outsourcing services and can help you get your dream job.

EDP Services has a team of professionals that help many organizations get maximum performance and efficiency for their business operations.

50 Best Paying Jobs in EDP Services

Here are the highest-paying jobs you can find in EDP Services and their average salaries.

  1. Software Development Engineer
    Salary range: ₹989,044- ₹1,191,752 per year
  2. MIS Executive
    Salary range: ₹789,044- ₹972,000 per year
  3. Software Engineer
    Salary range: ₹620,343- ₹972,000 per year
  4. HR Executive
    Salary range: ₹528,200- ₹875,000 per year
  5. Software Architect
    Salary range: ₹977,343- ₹2,119,688 per year
  6. Data Entry Operator
    Salary range: ₹620,343- ₹972,000 per year
  7. Executive Officer
    Salary range: ₹789,773- ₹2,652,000 per year
  8. DevOps Engineer
    Salary range: ₹390,343- ₹712,000 per year
  9. Artificial intelligence Engineer
    Salary range: ₹600,657- ₹750,000 per year
  10. Product Manager
    Salary range: ₹919,343- ₹1,793,000 per year
  11. Data Engineer
    Salary range: ₹463,898- ₹839,000 per year
  12. Data Scientist
    Salary range: ₹539,445- ₹824,230 per year
  13. Blockchain Engineer
    Salary range: ₹807,555- ₹626,000 per year
  14. IT Hardware executive
    Salary range: ₹560,444- ₹898,700 per year
  15. System Administrator
    Salary range: ₹679,556- ₹980,700 per year
  16. Network Engineer Executive
    Salary range: ₹574,090- ₹872,800 per year
  17. Senior Network Engineer
    Salary range: ₹676,043- ₹912,070 per year
  18. Technical Support Executive
    Salary range: ₹520,277- ₹740,000 per year
  19. Customer Support Executive
    Salary range: ₹320,983- ₹723,000 per year
  20. Network Security Engineer
    Salary range: ₹520,000- ₹721,200 per year

Other Jobs in EDP Services

In no particular order, other Best Paying Jobs in EDP Services include the following:

  1. Business Analyst
  2. EDP Associate
  3. Lead Architect
  4. Financial Analyst
  5. Office Executive
  6. Dispatch Manager
  7. Executive Financial Manager
  8. Back-office Executive
  9. Senior Accounts Executive
  10. MIS Analyst
  11. Computer Programmer
  12. EDP Cloud Data Engineer
  13. Digital Marketer
  14. Quality Engineer
  15. Manufacturing Manager
  16. Quality Engineer
  17. Project Supervisor
  18. Cyber Security Personnel
  19. Management consultant
  20. Cloud Architect
  21. Management Analyst
  22. Corporate Secretary
  23. Data Analyst
  24. Business Developer
  25. Database Administrator
  26. Infrastructure Security Vulnerability Manager
  27. Web developer
  28. Information Security Expert
  29. Network Administrator
  30. Computer System Analyst

These jobs are the Best Paying Jobs in EDP Services. Kindly note that the salary mentioned excludes the extra fees paid for overtime.

Benefits of Getting a Job Through EDP Services

Recruitment agencies like EDP Services have been helping job seekers get their dream jobs for years. The following are the benefits of getting a job through a staffing agency like EDP Services.

It is Faster

Using a recruitment agency like EDP Services is one of the fastest ways of getting a job because your job search is streamlined.

Access to Different Employers

Another benefit of getting a job through EDP Services is that you will have access to multiple job options to choose from.

Intensive Training

EDP services offer intensive training to job seekers to ensure they are well equipped for the role they’re applying for. They also help schedule interviews and polish resumes.

Gain Helpful Tips

Searching for a job is very exhausting, especially when you feel you are doing the right thing without getting positive results.

With a Recruitment agency like EDP services, job seekers are given interview tips to improve their chances of getting an offer.

Better Job Offers

Getting any job is not as difficult as getting a job that matches your expectations. EDP services help both the employer and employee make the best choice.

They Do the Job Search for You

Job hunting can be time exhausting and stressful. However, recruitment agencies make the search easy for you. You no longer have to worry about searching for opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the FAQS and answers

Which is the easiest job with a High Salary in India?

The following jobs are the easiest career options with high wages in India:

  • Management Professional.
  • Software Engineer.
  • Radio Jockeys.
  • Actors.
  • Event Managers.
  • Photographer.
  • Tourist Guide.

Which jobs have the highest salary in India?

Here are the five highest-paying jobs in India:

  • Cyber Security Specialists.
  • Data Scientists
  • Cloud Engineers and Architects.
  • Product Managers.
  • Full Stack Developers.

Which company pays the most in the world?

The following companies are known all over the world as the highest paying brand.

  • eBay
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • PayPal
  • Oracle
  • Visa
  • Cisco
  • Adobe


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This article was written to give you in-depth knowledge on the 50 best-paying jobs in EDP services you should know and we hope this piece gives you the knowledge you desire.

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