20 Movies About Getting a Job You Should Watch

According to many job seekers, job hunting feels like a full-time job in and of itself. The daily grind of commuting from one location to another to get to interviews and the need to dress up and present yourself properly can be taxing.

When job seekers feel their search is going nowhere, it can leave them exhausted and even disheartened.

Going to the movies for a couple of hours could help improve your spirits during times like these. So sit back, relax, eat some popcorn, and put your problems aside for the time being.

The following are movies about getting a job that you can watch. Read this article now to find out about such films.

Julie and Julia (2009)

Julie and Julia is a movie about getting a job that you should watch. Opportunities can strike when you least expect them.

Julie Powell, in this scenario, gets a new lease on life after finding inspiration from an unlikely source (Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of Cooking” book).

Julie Powell, a young writer who works at a call center, rediscover her love of cooking after she vows to make all 524 dishes in Child’s book.

She chronicled her adventures on her blog, which inspired her biography, “Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen.”

The film depicts Julia Child’s early days at the Le Cordon Bleu, where she learned French cooking in a parallel plot. The film demonstrates the importance of knowing our hobbies and interests.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) 

The pursuit of Happyness is another movie about getting a job that you should watch.

This autobiographical film starring Will and Jaden Smith tells Chris Gardner’s rags-to-riches narrative of his ascent from homelessness to becoming the CEO of his stock brokerage firm. 

Gardner addressed his obstacles with the appropriate attitude and dedication for the sake of his small boy, from selling portable bone scanners to pursuing employment as a stockbroker for a prominent corporation. 

Everyone will be inspired by his journey to seek better chances for themselves and their family. Viewers will be inspired by this father’s commitment to improving his and his son’s lives. In the end, it’s a narrative of unwavering faith in the face of adversity.

Office space (1999) 

This cult film about many frustrated IT workers labouring in a dismal, cubicle-filled office is for people still working but need a little more motivation to start looking for a new job. 

Peter Gibbons and his coworkers, who were overworked and underpaid, retaliated against their employer when many of them were laid off after management hired them to cut costs and downsize their workforce.

Although their methods were harsh, job seekers can learn from this film that knowing your worth as an employee is critical. If you’re being abused at work, realize that it’s not permanent and that you can receive better treatment. This is another excellent movie about getting a job you should watch.

Erin Brockovich (2000) 

Julia Roberts starred as the main character, an unemployed single mother whose persistence, sass, and drive assisted in the fight against a prominent US petroleum firm over health safety concerns, in one of her best performances to date.

Brockovich’s initial goal was to be paid for injuries she received in an automobile accident. When she didn’t get her way, she didn’t give up; instead, she went to work for the law company that fought her case.

That’s when she came across a case involving Pacific Gas and Electric and residents of a tiny California hamlet who had been subjected to health and environmental issues.

Her persistent pursuit of truth and justice helped provide much-needed relief to inhabitants of the town who were becoming ill due to chromium contamination at the company’s local factory.

You can find comfort in the notion that, like Brockovich, even if things don’t go your way (lost job opportunities, failed interviews), you can fight back by toughening up to meet the obstacles that come your way.

Have doors slammed shut in your face? Force yourself to sit back and demand that others listen to you. Allowing setbacks in your profession to detour you from your goals is counterproductive; instead, use them as an incentive to work even more challenging.

High fidelity (2000) 

Original Cinema Quad Poster – Movie Film Posters

This is the film for individuals seeking new starts or a chance to re-energize their hopes and life goals. Rob Gordon, a music store manager who appears to be stuck in a continuous youth stage, is played by John Cusack.

Gordon navigates his thirties with comedy and self-awareness that he needs to stand up and become an adult throughout the film eventually. With the support of his friends and his unwavering love for music, he ultimately rediscovers his purpose in life. 

With its colorful characters and pop-cultural references, this film is not only for geeks and music enthusiasts but also for those who need a “push” and help them get started on their job search.

Every job search should begin with a clear understanding of what you want and are enthusiastic about. Doing so will make you happy and bring you one step closer to realizing your dreams.

Jerry Maguire (1996)

Jerry Maguire is a character in the film Jerry Maguire (1996) became a successful sports agent. Jerry Maguire was recently fired from Sports Management International, a principal talent agency. 

This abrupt change didn’t deter him, and he vowed to start his agency. Will he be able to recover from this setback with only one athlete and one other employee to help him get his business off the ground? “Jerry Maguire,” a film directed by Cameron Crowe, reminds us that having a solid support group can be pretty helpful. 

Doubters will inevitably arise, but having the support of family and friends can motivate us to work even more. If you’re having trouble finding work, chat with your loved ones and tell them how you’re feeling.

The secret of my success (1987)

Brantley Foster, an ambitious recent graduate, learns the hard way that to advance in the corporate world, one must first pay one’s dues and work their way up from the bottom. 

Foster is forced to work as a mailroom employee for his uncle’s company after a surprising layoff. Foster, dissatisfied with his current position, exploited his financial acumen to advance up the corporate ladder.

Many recent grads become disillusioned when they learn they have to start with low-paying, unglamorous employment.

They don’t realize that these jobs, no matter how easy or “mindless” they appear, help them prepare for the challenges ahead. Even presidents and managers began their careers as interns, so we all have to start somewhere.

Exam (2009)

The exam is a psychological thriller about eight people competing for a position in a company. Candidates are led to an examination room where they are asked only one question.

The candidates are given 80 minutes to answer the question and are given three rules: no talking, no ruining the papers, and no leaving the room. 

Candidates must race against the clock to figure out what is required to land the job. 

The exam may teach job searchers many things, including the value of paying attention to details. 

Legally blonde (2001) 

After her boyfriend breaks up with her, Elle (Reece Witherspoon) enrolls in Harvard Law School. Elle enrolls to win him back, but she quickly discovers she’s much more than a gorgeous face. 

Legally Blonde can teach you anything, especially if you have a problematic career goal. The film shows us that anything is achievable if you have a strong work ethic and the correct mentality.

Dead poets society (1989)

The Society of Dead Poets is a group of poets who have died (1989) and the drama Dead Poets Society is about an English teacher, John Keating.

Dead Poets Society contains several leadership lessons that job seekers and professionals can benefit from. This should go without saying, given that the film depicts how one individual can affect the lives of countless people.

Steve Jobs (2015)

Steve Jobs is a well-known American entrepreneur. Steve Jobs (2015) is a biographical drama film about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

From legendary product launches through the debut of the iMac, the film highlights many crucial milestones of a job’s career. 

Jobs was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in recent history, so job seekers and professionals can learn a lot about the Apple founder’s life. The film depicts Jobs’ reaction to issues and his characteristics to attain success.


Derek, a happily married asset manager, gets unwanted attention from a coworker in the psychological thriller Obsessed.

Unwelcome advances develop into stalking, and Derek’s work and life are put in jeopardy.

The Social Network (2010) 

Mark Zuckerberg’s journey with Facebook is chronicled in The Social Network. Many of his relationships end when his business endeavour becomes a big success. Although you may already know how the tale ends, there is a lot for professionals to learn from the film.

Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross is a fictional character created by Glengarry Glen Ross. The life of four real estate salespeople is followed by Glen Ross.

Things become messy when the corporation creates a contest and declares that all salesmen except the two highest performers will be fired at the end of the week.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006) 

The Devil Wears Prada is a romantic comedy about Andy (Anne Hathaway), an ambitious journalist who works as an assistant to Miranda (Meryl Streep), one of New York’s most potent magazine editors.

Despite getting a position that appears to be a dream come true, Andy doubts herself.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) 

The Wolf of Wall Street is based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker who made his fortune by defrauding his clients. 

We may learn a lot about Belfort’s skills that enabled him to attain success if we ignore that he eventually loses everything and ends up in prison. His ability to motivate people and his communication skills are two of these.

Internship (2015) 

Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro feature in the comedy-drama The Intern. Ben Whittaker, 70, is fed up with retirement and applies to work as an intern for an online fashion business. Is he good enough to compete with the young pros? 

The Intern teaches professionals various skills, including how to strike a work-life balance.

Baby Boom (1987)

In our working life, the Baby Boomers remind us of the need for adaptability. Instead of ending her life because of her new situation, J.C. Wiatt takes advantage of it. We can all benefit from her capacity to adjust to change. 

J.C. Wiatt (Diane Keaton) is a New York-based businesswoman who only has time for her career in Baby Boom, a romantic comedy.

J. C Wiatt loses her career and her relationships when she unexpectedly becomes the guardian of a baby girl due to the death of a relative.

A beautiful mind (2001)

“A Beautiful Mind,” a biographical film starring Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, and Jennifer Connelly, is based on the life of John Nash, a mathematics genius and Abel Prize winner. 

This is a story about overcoming obstacles. John Nash was a brilliant and promising man when he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at 30 years old.

Faced with the brutality of his mental sickness, he learned to live with his hallucinations and rose to become one of history’s most influential mathematicians.

Forrest Grump (1994)

“Forrest Gump,” starring Tom Hanks, Robin Wright, Gary Sinise, Mykelti Williamson, and Sally Field, is based on Winston Groom’s 1986 novel.

It’s a beautiful story of a kind-hearted but slow-witted Alabama guy who unknowingly influences historical events in the United States during the twentieth century. 

Rocky (1976)

“Rocky” is an American sports classic that stars Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Carl Weathers, and Burgess Meredith.

Rocky Balboa was a good-hearted working-class man who made a career out of boxing. He went from a small-time club fighter to the world heavyweight championship, a true rags-to-riches story. 

You never know what you can achieve in life if you don’t pursue your aspirations when you’re young. It may be not easy to find your ideal work, but persevere!


These movies mentioned above will teach job seekers about consistency, hard work, and perseverance.

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