Your Client Wants to Improve Her Ad Position, What Would You Recommend?

The placement of your ads may significantly influence the success of your campaigns. A pretty straightforward method determines where your advertising will appear on the search engine results page, but there’s a lot you can do to improve your ad position.

Now, your client wants to improve her ad position; what would you recommend? This article will provide answers to your question and explain how ad position works.

What Is an Ad Position?

Ad position is referred to the position of your adverts on a search engine results page (or SERP) concerning other ads on the page.

For instance, an ad position of “1” indicates that it was the first ad displayed, with no other advertising before it. The second ad presented had an ad position of “2,” and so on.

Your client wants to improve her ad position; what would you recommend? Before recommending tips on how your client can improve her ad position, you must understand how this position is determined.

To do this, I will be using Google as a metric for how search engines determine an ad’s position.

How Ad Position Is Determined

Google uses an ad auction to pick which advertisements to show and where they should appear. Google Ads gives every ad in the auction an Ad Rank. Your ads appear and if they appear at all, depend on your Ad Rank.

The ad with the highest Ad Rank appears first, followed by the ad with the second-highest Ad Rank, and so on (provided the advertisements meet the applicable standards).

The ad ranks have some factors which influence it. They include;

  • Your bid – By setting your bid, you’re telling Google Ads how much you’re prepared to spend for a click on your ad. Often, the amount you pay is less, and you can adjust your offer at any moment.
  • The relevance and usefulness of your ad and landing page – Google Ads look at how relevant and helpful your ad and the website it links to are to the person who will see it.
    Your Quality Score summarizes our opinion of the quality of your ad, which you can track in your Google Ads account and seek to improve.
  • Ad Rank Standards – To assist assure high-quality advertisements, we establish minimal thresholds that an ad must meet to be shown.
    Some of these thresholds include; quality of the ad, the topic and nature of the user’s search, and user attributes.
  • An auction’s competitiveness – If two advertisements vying for the same place have identical ad rankings, each will have an equal chance of winning that spot.
    As the difference in ad rank between two marketers’ commercials widens, the higher-ranking ad is more likely to win, but it may also play a greater cost per click in exchange for the added certainty of winning.
  • The context of the person’s search is vital in the ad auction. We consider the person’s search terms, their location at the time of the search, the type of device they’re using (e.g., mobile or desktop).
    The search time, the nature of the search terms, other ads and search results that appear on the page, and other user signals and attributes when calculating Ad Rank.
  • The impact that your ad extensions and other ad formats are likely to have – You have the option of including more information in your ad.
    You can add a phone number or links to specific pages when you create a site. These are referred to as ad extensions. Google Ads calculates the performance of your ad based on extensions and other ad types.

Your Client Wants to Improve Her Ad Position, What Would You Recommend?

Now that I have explained how Google ranks and determines ad position, I will move to answer the question, and your client wants to improve her ad position; what would you recommend?

Search Terms Can Be Used as Keywords

Are you looking to expand your campaign with new keywords? In your advertising, use search phrases as keywords.

When you use search phrases in your campaign, you’ll typically get a better-quality score and average position.

Improve the Relevancy of Your Ads

Make your adverts as relevant to the user as possible. Ads with a greater ad relevance will improve your quality score and, as a result, your ad rank placement.
Repeating keywords in your title and selecting the appropriate landing page are two common strategies.

Improve the Quality of Your Website

Check your website to make sure it’s mobile-friendly and straightforward to navigate. This will assist you in raising your overall quality score.
Having a responsive and well-designed website will increase your chances of getting the most out of your Ads Campaign.

Use Your Keywords in Your Website’s Meta Tags

Your Google Ads Campaign will benefit from high-quality ratings if you include your primary keywords in your website’s Meta tags.

Use the Keyword Planner Tool

Keyword planner assists you in locating many versions of the keyword you want to rank for. There is various keyword planner like Google keyword planner, Ahrefs keyword explorer, SEMrush etc.

Get More Details

Specificity and a specialized approach might make your adverts more relevant to the tiny segment of your audience and the keyword groupings you’re seeking.

This will result in more precise ad placements, which will result in more clicks. Both will result in a higher ad rating.

This technique to increase your ad ranking will take some time, but you’ll need to go through and rebuild your sponsored search ads.

Concentrate on developing advertising for particular buyer profiles and conducting campaigns for various goods, services, and use cases.

Remove irrelevant terms from your ad copy and customize it to those very particular ad groups. Negative keywords may minimize irrelevant ad placements, and your ad placements will immediately improve. Your ad rank will rise as a result.


Concentrating on boosting your Quality Score is the greatest strategy to enhance your Ad Position on Google Adwords.

With a better-quality score, you can assist your campaign climb the rankings and potentially lower your cost per click (CPC).

This article was written to give you in-depth knowledge about your recommendation when your client wants to improve her ad position.

We hope this piece gave you all the knowledge you require to give the best recommendation when faced with the situation. We also would implore you to help someone with a similar question by sharing this piece with your friends.

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