List of Jobs That Start With L in 2022

Do you want to know about jobs that start with L in 2022?  

Examples are laboratory analysts, loan officers, legal counsellors, logistics managers, legal secretaries, e.t.c.

Read on for a list of jobs that starts with L.

Jobs That Start With L 

Land Sales Agent


Land Resource Manager

Language Arts teacher

Language specialist

Laser operator


Laundry Assistant

Law Researcher

Library Manager’

Library Historian

Licensed Audiologist


Lieutenant Governor

Life Coach

Life Insurance Agent

Life Skills Coach

Lift truck Mechanic

Line Analyst

Line Driver

Lion Tamer


Literary Writer

Litigation Attorney

Litigation Legal Secretary

Livestock Breeder

Livestock Feeder

Livestock Farmer

Livestock Inspector

Livestock Yard Attendant

Livestock Trucker


Loader operator supervisor

Loan and Credit Manager

Loan Auditor

Loan Broker

Loan coordinator

Loan counselors

Loan Representative


Lobster catcher

Lobster Fisherman

Local Area Administrator (LAN Administrator)

Lock Assembler

Lock Expert

Lock Master

Locker Room Clerk

Locker Room Supervisor

Locksmiths and Safe Repairers

Lode Miner

Lodge Attendant

Lodge Officer

Lodging Facilities Attendant

Lodging Facilities Managers

Log Carrier

Log Cut-Off Sawyer

Log Haul Operator

Loss Prevention Analyst

Loss Prevention Associate

Loss Prevention Supervisor

Low Voltage Electrician

Lube Technician


Lunch -Truck Driver

Lunch Cook

Low Vision Therapist

Low-pressure Boiler Attendant

Low Attitude

Lounge Car Attendant

Label Drier

Label Remover

Label Coder


Laminator Spinner


Lens Examiner


Lens Matcher

Leather Worker

Leather Stamper

Leather Tooler

Leather Cutter

Lawn Service Worker

Latrine Cleaner

Laser Technician

Lacing string cutter

Leather Finisher

Land Economist

Land Hydrographers

Leader Writers

Leaflet and Newspaper Deliverer

Local Government Engineers

Local Guides


Luggage Porter

Lighting Designer

Lift Electrician

Landscapes Gardeners

Law Enforcement Agent




Lemon picker


Letter carrier

Label Printer

Labor Commissioner

Labor Crew Supervisor

Labor Relation Specialist

Labor Training Manager

Lace Mender

Lace Weaver

Lace Maker

Lace Finisher

Laboratory Phlebotomist

Laboratory Equipment Cleaner

Laboratory Animal Care Veterinarian

Label sewer

Labor and Delivery Nurse

Labor and Employment Certified Paralegal

Labor Custodian

Labor Economics Teacher

Labor Expediter

Labor Relations Director

Laboratory Animal Care Taker

Laboratory Chemical Assistant

Laboratory Immunologist

Laboratory worker, washing or Cleaning Laboratory Apparatus

Laborer, Airport Maintenance


Laborers and Freight, Stock, and Material Movers, Hand

Lacquer Booth Operator

Lacquer Pin Press Operator

Lacrosse Coach

Lactation Consultant

Lactation Specialist

Ladder man

Ladies Locker Room Attendant

Ladle Car Operator

Ladle Cleaner

Laminate Floor Installer

Laminated Plastic Assembler and Gluer

Lamination Operator

Lamp Shade Assembler

Lamb Tester and Inspector

LAN Specialist (Local Area Network) specialist

Land Appraiser

Land Commissioner

Land Conservation Specialist

Land Leases and Rental Manager

Land leveler

Leach Cell Operator

Lead Custodian

Lead Esthetician

Lead Fire Protection Engineer

Lead Cargo Mover

Lead instructor/ Flight Attendant

Lead Janitor

Lead Miner

Lead Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Lead Performance Support Analyst

Lead Portfolio Manager

Lead Press Operator

Lead Recoverer

Lead Rider

Leak Detection Engineer

Learning and Behavioral Disabilities Teacher

Learning Disabilities Resource Teacher

Leather Parts Matcher

Leather Toggler

Legal Activity Adjudicator

Legal Arbitrator

Legal Department Manager

Legal Receptionist

Legal Referee

Legal Stenographer

Legal Transcriptionist

Level Vial Inspector

Level-Vial Marker

Level-vial Sealer

Liaison Inspection Laboratory Assistant

Library and Information Science Professor

Library Cataloging Technician

Library Circulation Assistant

Library Science Teachers, Post Secondary

License issuer


Local Government Revenue Officer

Loft and Cavity Insulation Technician

Lorry Driver

Log Rollers

Latin Teacher

Latin Dance Instructor

Lap Dancer

Luggage Liner

Lubricator –Granulator

Lubricator Equipment Servicer

Lozenge Dough Mixer

Lozenge Dough Maker

Low-Pressure Boiler Operator

Lottery Sales Clerk

Lottery Office Manager

Lost and Found Clerk

Loss prevention/ Safety District Manager

Loss Prevention Guard

Loop Tracker

Loom Fixer Helper

Loom Fixer Apprentice

Loom Checker

Logistics Vice President

Logging Superintendant

Logging Rafter Laborer

Logging Crew Foreman

Log Sorter

Log Pond Worker

Log Grader

Locomotive Pipe Fitter

Locum Radiation Therapist

Locum Radiation Technician

Life Care Planner

Licensed Psychiatric Technician

Licensed Vocational Nurse Staff

Lead Neurodiagnostic Technologist

Lead MRI Technologist

Legal Nurse Consultant

Licensed Acupuncturist

Licensed Optician

Licensed Dispensing Optician

Licensed Practical Nurse Supervisor

Linux System Operator

Locomotive Electrician

Locket Maker

Locker-Plant Attendant

Location and Measurement Technician

Loan Teller

Loan Originator

Loan Approver

Loading Unit Operator

Load Dropper

Livestock Slaughterer

Livestock Rancher

Livestock Showman

Livestock Judging Coach

Live-In Caregiver

Live Ammunition Inspector

Litigation Paralegal


Lithography Contact Worker

Lithopone Mill Worker

Liquor Tester

Linux System

Lion Trainer

Linseed Oil Refiner

Linoleum Tile Layer

Linoleum Printer

Linen supervisor

 Lead Event Specialist

Lead Sustainability Specialist

Learning and Development Consultant

Legislative Analyst

Licensed Tax Consultant

Loan Broker

 Logistics Planning Engineer

Large Engine Assembler

Lathe Machinist

Lathe Operator

Laser Engraver

Lead Fabricator

Lead Pressman

Lead Welder

Lens Coating Technician

Light Bulb Assembler

Line-Up Examiner

Looping Machine Operator

Lumberjack Lawyer

Ladle patcher

Ladle Repairer

Landscape Artist

Landscape Drafter

Landscape Nurseryman

Landscape Painter

Lapidary Apprentice


Lard Bleacher

Lard Maker

Lard Renderer

Large Animal Husbandry Technician

Laser Beam Trim Operator

Latex Spooler

Latex Ribbon Machine Operator

Latin America Studies Director

Latin America Studies Professor


Laundry Sorter

Lawn Care Professional

Lawn Care Technician

Lay Health Advocate

Layout Inspection Quality Control Worker

Lead Carpenter

Lead Pony Rider

Led Glass Installer

Leather Carver

Leather Splitter

Lettuce Cutter

Lettuce Trimmer

Library Monitor

Licensed and Certified Midwife

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed Embalmer

Licensed Esthetician

Licensed Custom Broker

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Language Therapist

Legal interns

Lightning Director.


I bet you didn’t know there are a variety of jobs that start with L, and we have done our best to curate this list for your perusal.

This list was curated to broaden your knowledge on the jobs that start with L in 2022, and we hope it gave you the knowledge you require.

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