Excuses to Leave the House if You Live With Your Parents

When your parents forbid you from visiting a friend or attending a party, it can be exceptionally bothersome and frustrating.

Everyone has been there at one point or another, pacing through their rooms and desperately attempting to come up with plausible near-truth reasons that will allow them to slip out the front door unnoticed.

That is why most individuals lie or make reasons to get out of the house and enjoy freedom before it is taken away again.

But did you know that some parents are just too rigid, particularly those who are overprotective, and that even the most convincing justifications won’t get you a pass ticket to leave home? 

Leaving home is difficult, and even the strongest justification may not be enough to convince your parents to let you leave the house.

So, are you pacing about in your room right now, trying to come up with the most excellent excuse because you’re sick of staying at home all day with nothing to do and need a change of scenery? Or maybe you have a date or a party to go to? 

But the more you think about reasons to leave home, the more you realize you can’t seem to come up with the finest ones, and there’s no way your parents will let you leave the house unless the reason is legitimate.

That’s unfortunate, but don’t worry; you’re in capable hands. That is why you are reading this article: to understand how to get out of the house using the most persuasive excuses. 

If you’re going to give someone an excuse to leave the house, it has to be genuine and impressive, and it has to be near to the truth when they hear it. You don’t want to make a flimsy excuse that can be readily disproven.

Taking a Breather

If you have a porch, balcony, or other location in your yard where you or your family members frequently go to rest or get some fresh air, this is a fantastic argument to utilize. Your folks won’t mind if you go out there, especially if you dress the part.  

This means you shouldn’t get too dressed up and should locate a place to store your going-out attire.

It’s best to do this while everyone else is preparing to retire for the night, so they don’t try to join you outside. This is an excellent excuse to leave the house.

Taking a Stroll 

Taking a stroll is another good excuse to leave the house. This is a fantastic excuse to get out of the house if you live in a nice area.

Let’s pretend you’re going for a walk or a run. Your parents won’t notice if you wear sweatpants and a jacket over your regular attire (make sure it doesn’t seem too thick). 

This is a great reason to use if you want to drop by a party fast to appear as if you went, or if you’re going to see a friend or even your boyfriend/girlfriend who lives nearby.

Garbage Collection at Night 

Garbage collection at night is a great excuse to leave the house. If you have siblings to cover for you late when everyone is asleep, taking out the trash and having it picked up by your friends a few houses down is a classic getaway move.

Your parents are unlikely to notice if your authentic clothing is in the trash bag. You can use the garbage excuse to persuade your boyfriend/girlfriend to meet you for a few minutes near your house.

A Friend Was Standing Outside

We all have friends, and we all know that we should be there for them when they need us. So, if you’re caught sneaking back into the house, explain your friend was outside, and an emergency occurred. 

Explain that they were having a difficult time and knew you couldn’t leave the house, but they needed someone to talk to and come to your home.

Of course, you should voice your concern about making it more realistic and convincing your parents to buy the story.

You Previously Misplaced Something 

Let’s pretend you were just dropped off, slipped back into your pyjamas, and then your parents found you in the front yard. What is your justification for being out at 1 a.m.? 

Let’s pretend you misplaced something earlier. Maybe an earring, some money, or anything else you can think of that you’d need to locate quickly.

I Forgot to Bring My Textbook From the Park

I Forgot to Bring My Textbook from the Park can be used as an excuse to leave the house.

Tell your guardian or family that you forgot your textbook at the park or somewhere else you went that day if you are a teenager, high school, or college student. You should also bring your book with you if you are caught sneaking away. 

I Heard a Strange Noise Outside 

Yes, tell your family, parents, relatives, or guardians that you heard a strange noise outside and went to investigate. Include the fact that you were cautious and kept a safe distance from the sounds.

I Blacked Out

Sometimes people become unconscious. For a little moment, tell your guardian or family that you felt dominated.

It will worry them, but say, “I’m fine now.” If you keep using this excuse, you’ll end up in the hospital one day. 

My Thoughts Were Clogging Up

You may use something that happened recently at home as a reason to sneak out of the house when you’re caught. Instead of interrogating you more, they will pet you and assure you that it will not happen again.

I Lost My Wallet, and I’m Getting It Back 

Make sure you have your wallet with you as proof before using this excuse after being caught sneaking out. Of course, they’ll ask for your wallet, which you’ll hand over. 

If you don’t have your wallet, you must answer, “Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the wallet.” You may even claim that you have a small sum of money in it. 

My Phone Had Gone Missing

Say you misplaced your phone and had to rush to the location, just like you would with your wallet. The area could be anywhere, but it’s usually the final place you visited before heading home that day. 

Don’t pick up the phone when your family calls if you want to use this as an excuse. You are free to allow another.


Leaving the house when you have strict parents can be tough and tricky. However, it would not be a problem if you have a convincing excuse. 

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