How to Tag Someone on LinkedIn

LinkedIn tags are essential features that allow you to interact and engage with other users by posting or showing content intended for them. Apart from sending direct messages, LinkedIn tags are sure ways to gain visibility, stay relevant, attract a great audience and build strong networks.

Do you wish to know how to tag someone on LinkedIn? This post will guide you on how you should go about it.

LinkedIn is a place with different impressive job portfolios. Why dont you take advantage of tags to help you move closer to your career goals?

Let me show you how to tag on LinkedIn, but first, let me tell you why.

Why You Should Tag Someone on LinkedIn

Here are reasons to tag someone on LinkedIn.

Visibility Reasons

When you constantly tag people on LinkedIn, it increases your visibility. This can be very beneficial for your career or business.

The aim is to find and connect to more people, individuals with solid reputations and targets similar to yours.

Visibility helps by:

  • Adding to your network.
  • Boost the LinkedIn algorithm by getting users to interact with your post.
  • It gives you a sense of belonging when you are associated with a group of professionals.
  • Gain new leads and business prospects.

Improve the Reach of Your Post With LinkedIn

LinkedIn algorithms try to make users consume as much information as possible to stay on the network and be engaged. It does this by offering personalized and quality content.

The number of likes, comments and shares on a post helps. The more you tag, the more the outreach of your post.

It Attracts the Attention of Your Target Audience

Tags on LinkedIn attract your target audience’s attention. Whether an employee, business partner, or client, it lets them know you value and have a trusted work relationship with other people, which is incredibly beneficial to your network.

It Connects You

Tags on LinkedIn shows you acknowledge and appreciate the post of others. It helps spread the news about their achievements, which helps build relationships and networks. You can tag someone/people on LinkedIn to start great conversations.

Recommendation or Referral Purpose

People appreciate nice gestures, and you can tag people to refer them or recommend them for job opportunities.

Tagging someone on LinkedIn is a way of acknowledging other professionals on the platform. It increases your visibility.

If you constantly interact with other professionals, it builds your network, which is the sole aim of a professional networking platform like LinkedIn.

How to Tag Someone on LinkedIn (Computer)

A step by step guide

Open a web browser and sign in to your account

  • Click start a post/create a post on your LinkedIn home page
  • Click the @ button and type the name/ names of people you want to tag
  • To make sure the tag works, check if the name is bold.
  • Make sure there are no spaces between the @ symbol and the name
  • Type your post and send. the person/people tagged will receive a notification

How to Tag Someone on LinkedIn (Mobile Phones)

  • Tap write a post on your top screen
  • Use the @ button on your keypad, and you will see a list of names
  • Choose the name of person/people you want to tag
  • Make sure there are no spaces between the @ symbol and the name
  • Type your post and send

How to Tag on LinkedIn (Comment Section)

Likewise, you can also tag someone in the comment section of a post.

  • Click on post
  • Use the @ button on your keypad
  • Send post
  • Your contact will receive a notification

– you can also do the same for companies.

How to Remove Yourself From LinkedIn Tags

To remove yourself from a post or comment, you should:

  • Click the more icon in the top right of the connection post
  • A list of options will appear. Click on remove mention
  • The comment will no longer link to your profile.

Furthermore, if you do not want to be mentioned in posts, comments or pictures, you should;

  • go to your profile icon at the top of your homepage
  • click and select settings & privacy
  • Click on the visibility options
  • under the visibility option, click change next to mentioned by others
  • switch the toggle to no

Note: This feature stops you from being tagged in a future post. It does not remove you from previous tags.

Tagging Best Practices

  1. Stay relevant: it does not matter if you tag someone you know personally or have yet to connect with. Make sure the post or comment is relevant to the person you want to tag.
  2. Be moderate: You can tag as many as 30 persons on a post. However, it is best to stay reasonable to maintain professionalism and avoid looking like spam.
  3. Tag a person only once per post
  4. Don’t tag someone who has previously been tagged by someone else within a discussion thread.

FAQ: How to Tag on LinkedIn

What Happens When I Tag a Person/Company on LinkedIn?

When you tag a person or company on LinkedIn, They receive a notification mail from LinkedIn that they have been mentioned in a particular post by you. They can choose to respond or not.

How Do I Tag Someone on LinkedIn Who Is Not a Connection?

People do not need to be connected to you on LinkedIn before you order them, to mention someone in a post:

  • Click on start a post from your homepage or click on the comment at the bottom of someone else post.
  • Type @ and put the name of the person.
  • Make sure there are no spaces in between.

Why Can’t I Tag Someone on LinkedIn?

If you can’t tag someone on Linkedin, the person may have disabled the LinkedIn features that let them get tagged.

 LinkedIn tags are necessary tools to engage with other professionals. It has various benefits like Increasing your visibility and giving you new leads, and more.

To tag, always remember to follow the exact steps as I have mentioned above and stick to good tagging practices.


LinkedIn is an online professional platform accessed by many users with different intentions.

It would help if you were mindful of who you add to your connections and followers.

Do not hesitate to use the” tag” option if you need to bring a post or comment in your feed to someone’s notice.

You are also advised to have an optimized LinkedIn account to attract the best the platform can offer.

This article was written to give you in-depth knowledge on how to block someone on LinkedIn and we hope it gives you the knowledge you desire. Kindly help us share it across your social media platforms.

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